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F.A.Q: Installing this Irrigation System

Answers and solutions on how to install your Lawn Belt Irrigation kit.

31. Im gettings some leaks - can you help? - Top

Make sure the converter fitting is in the UP and matches LawnBelt (the diamond shape should point downwards to match LawnBelt)

The clamp should be at the bottom of the collar halves.

Use a 5/16" wrench to tighten may help vs. a screwdriver. You may be able to tighten a bit more?

If you still have leaks after checking above items then contact customer service for a replacement part(s)

Call our customer service - perhaps they can ship to you with a special arrangement.

they are at (leave message if unavail)

Customer Service: 208-634-2333

- Updated: August 13, 2005

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